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Gonna post this here too cos relevant.

Sup, it's Chibi. So lemme spill my thoughts, yo.
So, the concept. You're a....lifeform. Trapped in a laboratory (at which point I expected something close to the story/plot of Portal :P) But then...things take an interesting turn. A potion....or in this case "Syrup" is discovered which allows you to revive yourself after "dying". An intriguing concept for sure. I've definitely never seen anything like it, as far as the manipulation of life and death. It must be incredibly agonizing to go through that again and again. But judging by the vacant expression on "Subject 2-Change"'s face....I don't really think :p But in any case, overall gameplay of the game is simple to understand, but can also be devilishly complex when it wants to. Exactly the elements of a good puzzle game. I also think the addition of a "time trial mode" and extra rooms, as well as a good and bad ending, is a really nice touch. And I love the chiptune-style soundtrack you used for the game as well. I specifically enjoyed the music in areas 21-40.
Though I did discover a few glitches here and there, (ie. menu music still playing occasionally after choosing to start from a room, walking inside of cannons, etc), it's still certainly playable and is of very sound construction, especially for a first-time flash game.
Overall, I think this project was four-months well spent, and I certainly look forward to where this story goes next. :3
Chibi out!

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JonBro responds:

Gonna post this here too, also because relevant:

The walking inside of cannons thing wasn't intentional at first, but I kept it in because it seemed like it made certain rare situations in the game more convenient. If that proves not to be the case, I can change it. Haven't heard anything about the menu music from selecting a room though, unless you're talking about the loading time, which I unfortunately don't really know how to fix.

Thanks, Chibi! Your words are most helpful and encouraging. And I find your observation of the character's vacant expression really funny.